Today: 43

This Year: 1,213

Mission Statement

We have been blessed by God with an abundance of gifts.
In response, we share God’s love and God’s kingdom:

Helping with the essentials of personal and household hygiene,
showing God’s grace and love through these tangible gifts.

As we carry out our activities, we need to always remember:

  • We are sharing God’s kingdom, not doling out charity.
  • We are proclaiming God’s grace, not passing judgment.
  • We are serving with joy, not establishing our own glory.


The concept of Jubilee, or the Jubilee year, comes to us via Leviticus (see chapter 25), where God sets out for the people of Israel a method for restoring economic and social parity. While the degree to which the Jubilee year was ever observed is still under debate, it remains a valuable model for us today: a model that emphasizes renewal of relationships across the economy and across society, and a way of ensuring that structural inequality is minimized.
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Pantry Activity

[ all pantries closed ]

Pantry Locations


We are looking for people to fill various shifts at Bratfest during Memorial Day weekend (May 25-28). For sign-up information, send an email to


The generous gift received from the faith family at Messiah Lutheran here in Madison supports the purchase of hygiene products for our pantry guests. It represents one of the many ways Messiah chooses to reach out to those who are most in need. Messiah believes that when they reach out in service they make a difference in the world and, thereby, find their deepest joy. They have our and our guest's heartfelt gratitude.
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