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All the facts and figures in the world can't really communicate the reality of living in poverty. The stories assembled in this section -- from a variety of sources -- are an attempt to make that reality more understandable.

Father Dollar Bill

When I was homeless in Los Angeles, "Father Dollar" (as we called him) always gave me twenty dollars because I shaved, wore lipstick, put a basketball under my t-shirt, and told him I was pregnant. But seriously, as Pepartnership, Inc.'s Technical Director, he's one of the inspirations for me writing the software and web page for all the Alliance pantries. Though he's not with us anymore, I think this video really captures the reality of living in poverty and the spirit of giving.

Does God Change Diapers?

The "Good News" behind the mission and ministry of PEPartnership, Inc., and the PEPartnership Alliance Personal Essentials Pantries. When God came to join humanity in the presence of Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus shared all of what we do, including the messy parts -- which is why we know God cares about diapers, too.

This video was also part of a class project by the PEPartnership's Executive Director for one of her Doctor of Ministry Courses.

My Life & Welcome To It

This video was part of a class project by the PEPartnership's Executive Director for one of her Doctor of Ministry Courses. It's not particularly polished, but it is real. It is written and narrated by a guest of the Zion Personal Essentials Pantry, and tells the story of the first two hours of the guest's morning routine -- a routine without those products that so many of us can take for granted. The images show what most of us have for our morning routines -- but the narration belies such an easy routine.

The Cost of Living: Minnesota Without Poverty

One of the biggest problems that we've been facing in trying to meet the need of people and families in poverty for personal and household hygiene products is that there so few studies of how much they actually cost. This video, put together by a former student of Dr. Mary Hess, professor at Luther Seminary, looks at how far into the day he'd get if he were living at the poverty level defined for his state.

For further information, check out the Minnesota Without Poverty website.

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